For 2019 there is a flat-rate annual subscription for organisations of £80.00.  This entitles all clients of the subscribing organisation to unlimited use of the machines for a whole year. Wheel Potential is a voluntary organisation and the subscription helps us with the costs of repairs and maintenance.

The user (in the case of an individual subscriber) or one or more carers (in the case of an organisation) is invited to meet one of the team at the containers for an hour-long induction course. This involves being shown each machine and its characteristics, how to store each machine, where to find other equipment in the containers, how to use the machines safely and other administrative details and paperwork.

Once registered, following induction and payment, the subscriber is given keys to the containers, and will be shown how to make bookings online.



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Online Booking:

The GEPO booking system is available to all members to reserve bikes and equipment. There is a limit of 3 future bookings per member (i.e. you cannot reserve a bike too far into the future). This is to increase the availability of our bikes, so that all members have a fair chance of booking their preferred equipment.


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Our GEPO booking system was generously developed and donated to us, free of charge, by Omigaman Limited who also support and maintain its operation.

For all enquiries, please contact our Team, by phone or email.