Our Team Contacts:

Beatrice Shire: beatrice.shire@cantab.net 01227 766782
Frank Guthrie (Secretary): corbleguthrie@yahoo.co.uk 07708 322418
Mark Thomson (Chairman): markrachel.thomson@gmail.com 01227 794001

To ask about joining contact Beatrice, Frank or Mark

To report any mechanical problem contact Frank

To report any booking app or Website issues contact Beatrice

To discuss membership payments contact Beatrice

For any other enquiries, contact any member of the team.


The following are the organisations that are signed up to Wheel Potential that specialise in the care of adults with physical, learning and associated difficulties:

Aiding Independence www.aidingindependence.co.uk/
18 High St, Herne Bay CT6 5LH  – 01227 741006

Fifth Trust www.fifthtrust.co.uk/
Elham Valley Vineyard, Breach, Barham, Canterbury CT4 6LN – 01227 832022

Without Exceptions www.withoutexceptions.co.uk/
13a St Stephens Court, Canterbury, CT2 7JP – 01227 634410

Swalecliffe Community Day Service https://goo.gl/6J2qfP
Longfield Close, Whitstable CT5 2SP – 01227 793440

John Graham Centre www.thejohngrahamcentre.co.uk/
Lucketts Farm, 17 Blean Hill, Blean CT2 9EF – 01227 478 564

Parkinson’s UK www.parkinsons.org.uk
Canterbury branch – 01227 454 638

L’Arche in the UK www.larche.org.uk
Canterbury branch – 01227 643 025

Omigaman limited www.omigaman.com
Cognitive Research & Innovation – 0845 860 9135

Canterbury and coastal Rethink carers group

paul.marsh@rethink.org – 01227 768503

Cedar House

Barham, Canterbury

michelle.wilmshurst@huntercombe.com – 01227 833700

Faversham Day Service

Faversham Community Day Service

West Faversham Community Centre

Bysing Wood

Faversham ME13 7RH

joel.canlas@kent.gov.uk  – 07773 076635

The Canterbury Bike Project

ssproston@canterbury.kent.sch.uk – 01227 286162

New Horizons

newhorizons@newhorizons.online – 01843 295680

Useful Links

Spokes East Kent Cycle Campaign works to encourage all forms of cycling in East Kent and lobbies local, county, and national government to improve cycling safety and infrastructure. For details on how you can get involved see:

Sustrans works in a similar vein, nationwide. They have an excellent website with on-line mapping free to all.


Terms and Conditions:

It is understood that by using the services of Wheel Potential, the client has read these Terms and Conditions, and agrees to abide by them.
1. The client will pay a fixed annual fee for unlimited use of the cycles and keys to the containers.
2. Use of the cycles must be arranged through the on-line booking tool (details given upon membership).
3. As many involved members of staff as possible/appropriate must attend an initial induction session at the container with one of the Wheel Potential volunteers. No bookings can be made before this induction session has been complete. Staff members must then pass on the induction session information to staff colleagues who were not at the official session if necessary.
4. Safe-keeping of the container keys is the responsibility of the subscriber as is the locking of the containers. There will be a fee for replacing a lost key. The keys must not be “lent” to third parties. If the Directors decide, in the event of a lost key, that security of a container has been compromised, the organisation responsible will be charged for a replacement lock and keys set.
5. The space in the containers is limited and cycles must be returned to their allotted slots as taught in the induction session and as per the instructions and photos placed in the containers.
6. The cycles and all the contents of the containers must be treated with care and respect at all times.
7. On each visit, the organisation must fill in a Usage form and, if necessary, an Incident form.
8. Wheel Potential has insurance against theft and damage to the cycles and the policy includes compensation for serious injury or death of any rider. Public liability insurance (to cover damage caused by a rider to someone or something) is not provided by Wheel Potential and is the responsibility of the user.
9. When cycles have been taken away from the containers and are being left unattended – for example, while people sit inside the pub at Chartham – all of them must be chained through the frame to an immovable object with the locks provided by Wheel Potential. This is a requirement of the insurance policy.

May 2016